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BatchMaster Software Pvt. Ltd.
Brilliant Solitaire Plot 6-A
Office 201-A to 204-B
Scheme 78, Part-II,
Indore - 452010

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About Us

BatchMaster Software Pvt. Ltd. provides ERP solutions and services to formula-based manufacturers, and develops cutting-edge software applications for diverse businesses. With experience of above 20 years, BatchMaster has offices around the globe. It houses a dedicated staff of 400+ researchers, innovators, developers, industry-experts and professionals, who tirelessly strive for innovation. Present scenario has mandated social distancing, prompting the employers across industries to offer work-from-home arrangement to their employees. The schools around the world too have remained shut, with the students being made to attend virtual classes from their homes. However, both the teachers and the students are fast realizing that an integrated learning management system (LMS) is the way forward. Tailor-made for times like these, BM LMS is a robust, secure and integrated system that offers a collaborative, digital space for creating e-learning lessons, organizing them into courses, enrolling students to courses, delivering content online, taking tests & assessing performance, and managing users. A 100% ‘Made in India’ product to support the government’s ‘Vocal for Local’ initiative, BM LMS safeguards data security and user privacy, and protects against unauthorized access, data loss and misuse.