Enjoy HD video quality and filtered sound with BM Connect. Loaded with best-in-class features and contemporary joining options, it makes your web calling a like never before experience. Be it a professional conference or meetup with your lovelies, set up an uninterrupted online communication.

Simple joining options
Less Complexities With Simple Joining Options

Join the calls sans the barriers of “sign-in”. Options like sign-in and non-sign-in offer different ways of effortlessly joining a meeting.

Smart meeting setups
Now Or Later, Meet Whenever, Wherever

Connect your remote workforce anytime and anywhere. Host a video meeting on-the-go or schedule it for later. Plan and manage all your conferences of the day and get detailed view of the upcoming ones.

Multiple concurrent conferences
Multiple Concurrent Conferences

Avoid hodgepodge of managing multiple conferences simultaneously. Now hosting multiple audio/video calls or web conferences at the same time is hassle-free with BM Connect.

Unique meeting ID
Unique Meeting ID. Every Single Time

Besides seamless connectivity, BM Connect is a safe & secure platform to host your meetings. A separate meeting id is generated every time, marking a unique identity for each conference.

Participant passcode protected
Participant Passcode Protected

We have left no stones unturned to make meetings with BM Connect safe and secure. Hence comes participant passcode, a key to unlock the doors of conference room. Those having this access code only will be able to join the conference. So say no to any uninvited guest.